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Bold Pattern or Fresh Classic

REVIVAL CATALINA ONYX  Style No. CS55Z Color No. 00190


Style No. CS55Z
Color No. 00190

SCULPTURE 12x24 GREY  Style No. CS64X Color No. 00500


Style No. CS64X
Color No. 00500

Selecting the right tile for your bathroom is key to laying the foundation of your overall design. Do you gravitate to bold patterns or blended hues? REVIVAL CATALINA by SHAW FLOORS makes quite the statement and becomes the focal point of the bathroom. On the other hand, the 12X24 SCULPTURE tile will not dominate your bathroom, but will nicely compliment other key features such as a claw-foot tub. Which would you put in your next home?

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Plan Highlight : The Aurora

One of the first steps when deciding to build a home is selecting the right floor plan. With over twenty floor plans to choose from, Rosewood provides a wide variety both in size and layouts. Seeing the progression of a home going from a 2-D floor plan to a 3-D reality is quite exciting. Rosewood’s sales coordinator and preferred agents are there to help you narrow down your plan and visualize a final product.

One plan that definitely lives up to its name in beauty and grandeur is the AURORA. This is no ordinary cottage home. Upon entering, one will immediately sense the impressive nature of this home with its deep front porch, spacious foyer, and 10ft ceilings. The open staircase and french doors into the front study/bedroom help to add to its character. Walking into the open-concept living space one will be captivated by the indoor-outdoor see-through gas fireplace. This crowning feature comes standard in every Aurora. The beautiful L-shaped kitchen houses ample cabinetry and has over 26 feet of counter space. Built into the kitchen’s design is a recessed refrigerator opening, allowing for a clean, counter-depth look. The laundry room in the Aurora comes standard with bottom cabinets and undermount stainless sink. The luxurious 15ft x 18ft master bedroom on the main level has plenty of natural light, allowing one to enjoy the natural landscape of a Rosewood community. From the master suite, one can step right onto the covered back patio (extendable up to 8 additional feet on the Aurora plan). Whether enjoying a sunrise or a sunset this back patio will be a favorite gathering spot. To complete this nearly 2700 sqft home, the upstairs has two generously-sized bedrooms, a full bath, and loft area. If looking for distinguishing design features, spacious rooms, and ample closet space, the AURORA may be the plan for you!

Engineered Hardwoods: 101

Engineered hardwoods (EHs) are a great flooring choice for your new home both for look and durability. EHs are actually made of real wood layers that are stacked together. These layers are joined together in a cross-grained construction, making the product strong and very dimensionally stable.

Strengths: When comparing to solid hardwoods, engineered hardwoods have the upper hand in a few key areas. Engineered hardwoods are less susceptible to the natural expansion and contraction that occurs with wood due to fluctuating moisture. EHs can also be installed on any surface in your home, including concrete subfloors. Lastly, EHs in general tend to be slightly less expensive than solid hardwoods.

Care: As with many wood products, water is the enemy, so any precaution you can do to keep the two separated, the better. In case of a spill, blot dry immediately upon notice. It is not recommended to wet mop or even damp mop EHs as this can cause warping. As a general practice, keep floor clean by regularly sweeping or vacuuming (with a non-beater-bar head). It’s also a good idea to cover high traffic areas with a rug, to minimize normal wear and tear. Flooring products can vary, so always follow the manufacturer's specific recommendations for care and product use on your flooring.

Options: In additional to the various stain finishes, you need to consider the texture of your wood floors. Many manufacturers offer scrapped, distressed, smooth, and wire-brushed textures. Keep in mind your over-all design scheme for the space and choose a texture that will compliment your desired look. Another popular option is varying the width of the wood plank to add another dimension to your space. This look can work particularly well in large room or open-concept floor plans.

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Color Your Kitchen

When building a new home or tackling a remodel, one room has the power to set the tone for the entire house - the kitchen. “Kitchens should be designed around what's truly important - fun, food, and life,” says renown chef Daniel Boulud. One way to ensure a kitchen cultivates fun and life is by choosing the right cabinet finishes. Color is one of the most effective ways to build character and personality. Although classic white kitchens will remain popular in 2019, “kitchens with jewel toned cabinets will dominate” according to the Color Concierge. Indigo in particular is a great choice for those wanting to incorporate colored cabinets into the design. Indigo works well in classic kitchen, providing a rich depth that anchors the room, or it can also help create that one distinguishing feature in a more contemporary kitchen.

Have fun and be creative when designing your kitchen. You may opt to do all cabinets one color, or you may consider a two-toned option (different colors for the upper and lower cabinets). Another good option is to make your island a statement piece, as done in this kitchen of the BALTIC model. Popular author and home cook entrepreneur Michael Ruhlman has said “a kitchen is a good place to be, almost always the best place in the house.” Stop in a Rosewood model home or make a Design Center appointment to get your creative juices flowing and make the kitchen the best place in your new home!

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