Ridgestone Cottages

The construction of outstanding cottages already kicked off at Rosewood’s newly established Ridgestone Cottages in South Carolina. All the nitty-gritties aside, these cottages are just beautiful, having been delivered in modern designs with the aim of tossing great comfort and a refreshing aura to the to-be owners.

Nevertheless, beauty alone isn’t what we’re looking for in a home. Buying a home here, therefore, means you have to put a lot more into perspective, including demographics and culture among other personal preferences. Greenville is loaded with culture.

Speaking of Greenville, one would rightfully say, “How did we become that Greenville, you ask? People came, enjoyed and started to talk about us. They talked about our delicious food and drink, quaint Main Street, bustling art scene, bike-friendly attitude, girlfriend getaways and mancations, picturesque parks, fun-filled festivals and our sweet Southern hospitality.”

Truth be told, that’s just a glimpse.

As people keep talking about Greenville, potential home owners are trooping in ready to close deals. They just don’t want to hear about Ridgestone Cottages anymore, they want to live it. These are the people who say, “Let me be among the people who got a taste of it.”

Of course there are many locations in Greenville where you can buy a home. When listing the best locations, Ridgestone Cottages should be high on your list. The homes start at $284,900 and are sitting right between Pelham and Woodruff Rd on Dublin Road surrounded by mature, lush trees.

While the cottages have everything one would desire in a modern home set up, they also boast of great tranquil even as they offer the much needed proximity to Greenville’s beauty.

Owning one of these Ridgestone Cottages is a decision with no regrets.

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Clemson Cottages

Thinking of buying a home in Greenville? One of the obvious things most people ask before making a home buying decision is the cost of living, amenities and maintenance. Granted, there is an array of things to put into consideration before making any home purchase move.

A good number of people currently buying homes in Greenville are opting for Clemson Cottages, and there are many reasons why this is happening.

The cottages are located downtown Clemson on Old Stone Church Road and is right next to Clemson University. If you're an alumni of the university or have some university-going children, there is no better place to get a home than pick one of the Clemson Cottages.

What about an alumnus? Most alumni love to be in close proximity to their former schools for several reasons, including not wanting to lose their friends and offering support to students. Owning a home next to your former school is such a sweet thing to do, right? By so doing, you keep your friends and maintaining a bond with fellow schoolmates.

Clemson Cottages are also a great choice for IPTAY members.

As a member of this athletic fundraising organization, owning a home within the Clemson Cottages gives you all you need to scout for and support sports talent.

But that’s not all! If you’re into sports, you’ll sure relish in the Clemson’s huge sporting activities. Being at the cottages means you wouldn’t miss a game. Clemson offers numerous opportunities to enjoy watching games, but it’s also a great place to hone your sporting skills and make entry into the professional arena if you’re an athlete.

Interested in buying one of the Clemson Cottages? If yes, make sure you set aside anything from $274,900 upwards. With that, you’d be in a position to secure yourself an investment of a lifetime, one whose value would appreciate at very fast rates.


Lakestone Cottages

Thinking of buying a house in South Carolina? The best place would be at Lakestone Cottages located on Lake Keowee. This clean and picturesque lake, together with the mountains in the backdrop, has been described as the crown jewel of South Carolina.

Lake Keowee offers many real estate options around and on it and that’s the main reason why many home-buyers troop to this place. You can choose lake view, wooded environments or elevated mountain view.

The beauty of this region is that it has low density residential development and so duplex homes, villas, and condos are at a minimum - quite ideal for someone who likes a less noisy environment with fresh air.

Over the years, the view from the lake has remained natural with elegantly placed homes and the beautiful tree canopy blending to give very magnificent scenery.

Lake Keowee offers milder winters and summers and is not as humid as the coastal and Piedmont regions of South Carolina. This is because of its higher elevation which also makes it to have gentle 4-season climate.

We are now building Lakestone Cottages on Lake Keowee where we have 10 waterfront lots each with their own individual dock. Being closer to the lake, those who live here will enjoy fishing, tubing, boating, jet skiing, and other water recreation activities. The lake is known for pastimes such as Waterfall Cove and The Jumping Rock.

Depending on your taste, you can choose to live to the Southern or Northern end of the lake. The Southern end is ideal for those looking for simple residential locality with fewer amenities. The Northern end is ideal for those who love lower dense atmosphere. Compared to the Southern end, this region has newer residential developments.

Whether you choose to go to the South or North, you’ll still have propinquity to Clemson University - a spirited university known for its high quality trainings. They can also visit Death Valley Stadium to enjoy the Tiger’s football game, or enjoy the art or cultural exhibitions in the university.

Lakestone Cottages is surrounded by beautiful landscape – mountain views northward and rolling hills in the distance.

New homes starting in the 700's.


Ridgewalk Cottages

If it’s within your plan to buy a home, one of the most difficult decisions is the location. While many people choose to buy a home in areas where they’ve lived for years and made friends and family, there is that time when you just want to buy a home in the most ideal place for your personal preferences.

Ridgewalk Cottages is one of Rosewood Communities newest locations that is currently attracting many home buyers. For some people, such a high demand in a given location is nothing but a new phenomenon triggered by good quality and low prices.  Even though that’s true about Ridgewalk Cottages, there is a lot more.  Why would one say so? The area is a charming location that has grown over time to host a vibrant community of people and a constantly improving inventory of homes that fit almost every group of people. Think of a family person, and that's taken care of. Whether single, a retiree, a professional or just a take it easy individual looking for a regular getaway, Ridgewalk Cottages fit the bill. 

The homes in Ridgewalk Cottages start at $299,900, which is quite affordable, considering the value that comes with it. These cottages will sit on a meadow surrounded by mature, beautiful trees that demonstrate, and of course deliver, tranquility and life. Their proximity to Five Forks on Anderson Ridge Road near Batesville Rd. is over the more the reason why you should “grab” yourself a home in this area. Why would one even think of mentioning Five Forks? The reasons are pretty obvious, with one of them being the variety of home designs and the beautiful community that define it. The area boasts of an attractive downtown, a very strong economy and an amazing inventory of arts and culture.

Buy a home in Ridgewalk Cottages and you’ll live to cherish your decision.

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The Rosewood Process

Rosewood Communities is committed to making the home buying process as simple as possible. We stand by our process, so that you, the home buyer, can build the home of your dreams without all of the fuss. Let us build your forever home!

STEP 1: 

Contact us and visit one of our model homes in the best locations the upstate has to offer and meet with one of our preferred realtors. 

STEP 2: 

Schedule a meeting with our Sales Coordinator at the Rosewood Design Center (pictured below) to create your wish list for your forever home!

STEP 3: 

Draw up your contract and pick your finishes and final touches in the Design Center and then meet with one of our Project Managers to go over the construction process. 


Let go of the mundane home ownership and step into your new, low maintenance home that you have created. Now sit back and spend your time doing the things you love and RE-DEFINE your lifestyle! 

Low maintenance living never looked so good! 


Butler Parc - Mauldin, SC

Butler Parc, a new community for Rosewood, is located in Mauldin on Pinecrest Drive. We know that when you are looking to buy a home it is going to be the most exciting moment for you and probably the most serious financial commitment you are going to make.

One of the first things to consider is the location of the home. It’s important to a have a home in an area that’s not quite developed now, but, at least, one that has potential for future development based on plans for major projects that would open up the area in later years or because of their proximity to a developing area. There are many advantages for making such a choice, including cutting down on costs.

One such area can be found in Mauldin, South Carolina. There’s multimillion-dollar development off Interstate 385 in Mauldin that already secured a tenant, and as the project continues to take shape, there is likely to be another major project on the way. Additionally, this is an area that boasts of huge development potential and one that would soon be attracting big investors.

Jackson Marketing will be moving into the space that was formerly occupied by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. The space is in a building off Holland Road, behind the Samsung Electronics America office. Currently there are renovations going on there to create new offices.

Going by the proposals by Van Broad, the Mauldin Community Development Director, the population of the city could increase by up to 25 percent, from the current 25,000 residents to nearly 30,000 in the near future.

The city has already annexed 89 acres around Forrester Drive to the north of town for a residential development and is planning to annex another 140 acres to the west on West Butler/Mauldin Road for the same purpose.

Many residential developers are moving towards Mauldin because the Land Development Regulations recently passed by Greenville County have added 3 to 4 months to the process of development which leads to delays that are not cost effective.

In Mauldin, homes and stores would exist in a shared building or side by side, and the storefronts would extend right up to sidewalks. Developers will have an incentive to build structures with articulated facades and peaked roofs; so, be on the lookout, Mauldin will attract a lot of private investors!

For more information on the plans we offer in Butler Parc, please contact our Sales Team today! 

Greenville, SC - A True Gem

Choosing a place to buy a home is a decision you’re most probably going to critically think through before dropping the hammer. A lot of information is out there about why you should buy a home here or there, making it more confusing for potential home-owners.

Take, for example, the high traffic heading to Greenville, South Carolina. Right out of the box, you’re most probably in a position to name a few reasons why this is so, and why home-owners are also not left out.

But how do you separate facts from fiction? A direct answer is, of course, to get an insider’s view.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating things about Greenville, from an insider’s view, and the reason why it’s one of the best places to buy a home.

Well, most of us, hopefully, you too, want to have a home in a place where one can dine outside once in a while without having to pay too much to enjoy a delicious meal. Greenville has that and more. Greenville’s Lazy Goat is one such eatery. This is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant offering global cuisines, and it’s one of the most recommended restaurants by the locals. In addition to this, you’re spoilt for choice with over 100 restaurants off the main street.

Besides the amazing places to eat, Greenville also boasts of some picturesque locations. Consider the breathe-taking Reedy River Falls that attract thousands from different locations every year. Gazing upon the falls while crossing the Liberty Bridge isn’t one of those experiences you take for granted, literally; even the locals still find it satisfying. If you’re someone who enjoys taking a walk during those slow days or when you want to enjoy a time with your family, taking a family stroll down to Falls Park, a favorite of almost every person in Greenville, can prove to be a perfect pass-time.

When you’re talking about a home, you’re talking about comfort, right? If you’re a family person, you’ll love Greenville for family gathering spots such as the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. This is where you get the super fresh foods and a playground that children can’t get enough of.

You can talk about food, parks and all, but when you mention mice in Greenville then you’ll see smiles of people’s faces. Along the celebrated Main Street, there are nine bronze mice that fascinate everybody. These permanent residents of the Main Street were part of a high school project by Jim Ryan, but sculptor Zan Wells is celebrated for bringing them to life. What makes them so interesting is the fun kids of all ages get from having to use clues to hunt for them.

There is so much to explore, discover and enjoy in Greenville – an excellent place to proudly call home.

Why rent when you can own?

Whether it’s cheaper to buy or rent a home is a debate that has been ongoing for years. Many people are into rentals because this option requires low upfront investment, at least in most cases. Comparatively, however, it’s much better to own a home than rent one.

Besides the fear of huge initial investment, some have the desire to own a home but lack the much-needed information about home-ownership. This lot still believes that one needs to raise a huge amount of money before even thinking of owning a home.

But things have changed. Now you can own a home through a process that, more or less, works like a rental. The beauty of this is, unlike in rentals, the amount you pay in installments gives you some right to the home.

Surely, why simply pay rent (some say throw away money) when you can “pay rent” and eventually own the home?

Below are more reasons why you should consider owning a home:

1. Freedom to Modify Your Home

If you’re living in your own home, you have the freedom to modify its looks to give you the desired feel without worrying about a landlord giving you trouble. You can repaint the color of the roof, plant a Cherry Blossom tree, own a dog, and more.

2. Appreciation in Value

Those who own a home have the benefit of the value of their home appreciating. In rentals, however, if the value appreciates, most landlords would adjust the rates so that you pay a higher rental rate.

3. Mortgage Rate Remains Flat As Rent Rises

If you choose to pay for your home through a mortgage, you’re assured that the agreed mortgage would remain the same regardless of the market dynamics. On the other hand, however, rent can be adjusted over a period of time, something that can be quite inconveniencing.

4. Owning a Home Gives You Peace of Mind

One of the main challenges that come with renting a home is the fear of a landlord kicking you out when you’re undergoing financial uncertainty and you’re, therefore, not able to keep up with timely rent payments.

There is no better time to own a home than now when landlords are raising rental rates to alarming levels.

Lakestone Cottages

Now that it is officially summer, it is safe to say lake season is here! Here at Rosewood, we know how relaxing those lake days are and how memorable they are when spent with family. Lakestone Cottages can be a place for you to build the home of your dreams and create those new memories with the ones you love the most. We have 9 waterfront lots left that are waiting on you! Call to speak with a sales agent and let Rosewood Communities build your forever (lake) home.