Lakestone Cottages

Now that it is officially summer, it is safe to say lake season is here! Here at Rosewood, we know how relaxing those lake days are and how memorable they are when spent with family. Lakestone Cottages can be a place for you to build the home of your dreams and create those new memories with the ones you love the most. We have 9 waterfront lots left that are waiting on you! Call to speak with a sales agent and let Rosewood Communities build your forever (lake) home.  


Homes for Hope Expansion in South Carolina

Rosewood Communities is so unbelievably honored to work with Homes for Hope. Check out the article below and thanks to everyone who joined us at the luncheon! 

April 25th, 2018 - Homes for Hope executive director Jack Nulty attended Rosewood Communities’ annual trade partner appreciation luncheon, an excellent tradition that Rosewood Communities has developed as part of their commitment to building good relationships with partners, clients, and the community.

At the event, Founder and Owner Mark Nyblom announced Rosewood’s intention to build their fifth Home for Hope in 2018.  Following his announcement, several of Rosewood’s trade partners spoke and committed to donate their work on this next Home for Hope.

Also attending the luncheon were the owners of Cobblestone Homes, Tomas Nyblom and SK Builders. Tim Kalliainen, two premier homebuilders also building in the Greenville, South Carolina market. They are also joining Rosewood Communities in the fight against global poverty by building Homes for Hope.

Currently the HOPE International is empowering 17,000 families every year from the funds raised through previous Homes for Hope builds there in Greenville.  However, with the addition of these two amazing home builders we expect the annual impact to jump to 25,000 families annually.

Following this event, the Home Builders’ Association of Greenville gave public appreciation of the work of Homes for Hope in South Carolina by awarding both Homes for Hope and Rosewood Communities with their Milestone Award. This award is in recognition of outstanding contributions to the community.

We at Homes for Hope are thrilled to know that our impact can be seen by the communities of South Carolina and look forward to continuing to expand our work there through great partners like Rosewood Communities,  SK Builders, and Cobblestone Homes.

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