Butler Parc - Mauldin, SC

Butler Parc, a new community for Rosewood, is located in Mauldin on Pinecrest Drive. We know that when you are looking to buy a home it is going to be the most exciting moment for you and probably the most serious financial commitment you are going to make.

One of the first things to consider is the location of the home. It’s important to a have a home in an area that’s not quite developed now, but, at least, one that has potential for future development based on plans for major projects that would open up the area in later years or because of their proximity to a developing area. There are many advantages for making such a choice, including cutting down on costs.

One such area can be found in Mauldin, South Carolina. There’s multimillion-dollar development off Interstate 385 in Mauldin that already secured a tenant, and as the project continues to take shape, there is likely to be another major project on the way. Additionally, this is an area that boasts of huge development potential and one that would soon be attracting big investors.

Jackson Marketing will be moving into the space that was formerly occupied by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. The space is in a building off Holland Road, behind the Samsung Electronics America office. Currently there are renovations going on there to create new offices.

Going by the proposals by Van Broad, the Mauldin Community Development Director, the population of the city could increase by up to 25 percent, from the current 25,000 residents to nearly 30,000 in the near future.

The city has already annexed 89 acres around Forrester Drive to the north of town for a residential development and is planning to annex another 140 acres to the west on West Butler/Mauldin Road for the same purpose.

Many residential developers are moving towards Mauldin because the Land Development Regulations recently passed by Greenville County have added 3 to 4 months to the process of development which leads to delays that are not cost effective.

In Mauldin, homes and stores would exist in a shared building or side by side, and the storefronts would extend right up to sidewalks. Developers will have an incentive to build structures with articulated facades and peaked roofs; so, be on the lookout, Mauldin will attract a lot of private investors!

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