Greenville, SC - A True Gem

Choosing a place to buy a home is a decision you’re most probably going to critically think through before dropping the hammer. A lot of information is out there about why you should buy a home here or there, making it more confusing for potential home-owners.

Take, for example, the high traffic heading to Greenville, South Carolina. Right out of the box, you’re most probably in a position to name a few reasons why this is so, and why home-owners are also not left out.

But how do you separate facts from fiction? A direct answer is, of course, to get an insider’s view.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most fascinating things about Greenville, from an insider’s view, and the reason why it’s one of the best places to buy a home.

Well, most of us, hopefully, you too, want to have a home in a place where one can dine outside once in a while without having to pay too much to enjoy a delicious meal. Greenville has that and more. Greenville’s Lazy Goat is one such eatery. This is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant offering global cuisines, and it’s one of the most recommended restaurants by the locals. In addition to this, you’re spoilt for choice with over 100 restaurants off the main street.

Besides the amazing places to eat, Greenville also boasts of some picturesque locations. Consider the breathe-taking Reedy River Falls that attract thousands from different locations every year. Gazing upon the falls while crossing the Liberty Bridge isn’t one of those experiences you take for granted, literally; even the locals still find it satisfying. If you’re someone who enjoys taking a walk during those slow days or when you want to enjoy a time with your family, taking a family stroll down to Falls Park, a favorite of almost every person in Greenville, can prove to be a perfect pass-time.

When you’re talking about a home, you’re talking about comfort, right? If you’re a family person, you’ll love Greenville for family gathering spots such as the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. This is where you get the super fresh foods and a playground that children can’t get enough of.

You can talk about food, parks and all, but when you mention mice in Greenville then you’ll see smiles of people’s faces. Along the celebrated Main Street, there are nine bronze mice that fascinate everybody. These permanent residents of the Main Street were part of a high school project by Jim Ryan, but sculptor Zan Wells is celebrated for bringing them to life. What makes them so interesting is the fun kids of all ages get from having to use clues to hunt for them.

There is so much to explore, discover and enjoy in Greenville – an excellent place to proudly call home.