Cutting - edge design, client care unlike anywhere else and outstanding value. You won’t find a community anywhere that rivals the whole package you get from Rosewood.


Mark Nyblom
Mark founded Rosewood Communities in 1999 and has been developing and building homes in the Upstate ever since. Mark provides the vision for Rosewood Communities. He is constantly planning new locations and ensuring that Rosewood Communities stays innovative.

Claus Nyblom
Project Manager (Seneca)
Claus keeps our projects at The Cottages at Cross Creek on time and done right. Overseeing the construction of all the homes for sale in Seneca, Claus ensures your cottage is complete on schedule as you’d dreamed.

Brad Aho
Project Manager (Greenville)
Brad keeps Rosewood running like a well-oiled machine in the field. Overseeing the construction of all the homes for sale in Greenville, Brad gets your house built on time and how you always dreamed.

Cathi Austin
Sales Coordinator
Cathi works directly with our buyers from contract to closing making sure that all of their questions and concerns are addressed. She communicates with the entire team to help make every build a smooth transaction for our customers.


Amy Mcabee
Office Manager
Organized, sharp and on task, Amy manages the Rosewood office, taking care of book-keeping and communications. She keeps things running smoothly between Rosewood, our suppliers and subcontractors.



Sandra Nyblom
Sales & Marketing Manager
Sandra has lead sales teams from Miami to California and New York. She is now utilizing her sales and marketing skills to help support the Rosewood team. Her experience in sales is invaluable to our team. 


Austin Bledsoe
Construction Debris Manager
Austin’s pride he has in his job brings energy and enthusiasm to our team while he works in the field wherever he is needed. He is dedicated to keeping our construction sites clean so that the process can run smoothly from beginning to end. 


Andreas Nyblom
Assistant Project Manager
Andreas comes from a family of new construction and brings years of experience in all areas of the build. He has broad knowledge of our program and works hand in hand with our Project Managers to make sure the process is smooth for the team and the subcontractors. 


Josh Dority
Customer Service Manager
Josh has vast experience working with construction personnel as well as customers. He works with our new homeowners post closing to make sure all warranty items are addressed and that each one is happy with their new home. His knowledge of the process is invaluable in communicating with our buyers. 


Madi Austin
Customer Service Assistant
With a passion for working with people, Madi enjoys working as our customer service assistant. She helps Josh Dority handle communication after closing dealing with any warranty concerns and questions that the homeowners have. Madi helps keep the process after closing smooth and well organized.


Taylor Nyblom
Construction Debris Assistant
Taylor is our construction debris assistant. Coming from a family of building contractors, Taylor brings a passion for getting the job done. He takes pride in helping the team keep our job sites neat and organized.


Greg Ganser
Assistant Project Manager
Greg, as our assistant project manager, assists in all aspects of construction in the Seneca & Clemson area. His drive and motivation helps keep our western upstate team on point.


Laiken Bledsoe
Sales Assistant
Laiken is the newest member to the Rosewood team. She assists all of our team members in helping to keep the process smooth and enjoyable for our buyers. She is a wonderful addition to this team!