Ridgewalk Cottages

If it’s within your plan to buy a home, one of the most difficult decisions is the location. While many people choose to buy a home in areas where they’ve lived for years and made friends and family, there is that time when you just want to buy a home in the most ideal place for your personal preferences.

Ridgewalk Cottages is one of Rosewood Communities newest locations that is currently attracting many home buyers. For some people, such a high demand in a given location is nothing but a new phenomenon triggered by good quality and low prices.  Even though that’s true about Ridgewalk Cottages, there is a lot more.  Why would one say so? The area is a charming location that has grown over time to host a vibrant community of people and a constantly improving inventory of homes that fit almost every group of people. Think of a family person, and that's taken care of. Whether single, a retiree, a professional or just a take it easy individual looking for a regular getaway, Ridgewalk Cottages fit the bill. 

The homes in Ridgewalk Cottages start at $299,900, which is quite affordable, considering the value that comes with it. These cottages will sit on a meadow surrounded by mature, beautiful trees that demonstrate, and of course deliver, tranquility and life. Their proximity to Five Forks on Anderson Ridge Road near Batesville Rd. is over the more the reason why you should “grab” yourself a home in this area. Why would one even think of mentioning Five Forks? The reasons are pretty obvious, with one of them being the variety of home designs and the beautiful community that define it. The area boasts of an attractive downtown, a very strong economy and an amazing inventory of arts and culture.

Buy a home in Ridgewalk Cottages and you’ll live to cherish your decision.

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