Clemson Cottages

Thinking of buying a home in Greenville? One of the obvious things most people ask before making a home buying decision is the cost of living, amenities and maintenance. Granted, there is an array of things to put into consideration before making any home purchase move.

A good number of people currently buying homes in Greenville are opting for Clemson Cottages, and there are many reasons why this is happening.

The cottages are located downtown Clemson on Old Stone Church Road and is right next to Clemson University. If you're an alumni of the university or have some university-going children, there is no better place to get a home than pick one of the Clemson Cottages.

What about an alumnus? Most alumni love to be in close proximity to their former schools for several reasons, including not wanting to lose their friends and offering support to students. Owning a home next to your former school is such a sweet thing to do, right? By so doing, you keep your friends and maintaining a bond with fellow schoolmates.

Clemson Cottages are also a great choice for IPTAY members.

As a member of this athletic fundraising organization, owning a home within the Clemson Cottages gives you all you need to scout for and support sports talent.

But that’s not all! If you’re into sports, you’ll sure relish in the Clemson’s huge sporting activities. Being at the cottages means you wouldn’t miss a game. Clemson offers numerous opportunities to enjoy watching games, but it’s also a great place to hone your sporting skills and make entry into the professional arena if you’re an athlete.

Interested in buying one of the Clemson Cottages? If yes, make sure you set aside anything from $274,900 upwards. With that, you’d be in a position to secure yourself an investment of a lifetime, one whose value would appreciate at very fast rates.

Mark Nyblom