Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home When Expecting Company

With Christmas Day being only a few days away, I’m sure a lot of you are planning on having company over at some point. Emily A. Clark has put together a few easy ways to make your home cozy and your guests comfortable when holiday entertaining.

  1. Christmas Music - It’s easy enough and instantly makes your home feel festive. I like to stick a small bluetooth speaker in the corner of the kitchen and play Pandora. (A few of my favorite stations: Audrey Assad Holiday, The Christmas Song radio, Holiday Instrumentals, Jadon Lavik Holiday, and Michael Buble Holiday.)

  2. Votiv Candles - They’re inexpensive and add a warm glow all around. Buy the unscented so you don’t overwhelm your guests.

  3. If you have the time or inclination to shop for a few new things, my top five would be: a small lamp (so versatile–the mantel, a entryway table, or even a bathroom), fresh pillows with down inserts, a cozy throw blanket (HomeGoods is a great source), new hand towels, and a yummy candle for the powder room.

  4. An easy powder room update: add a patterned hand towel, soap in a pretty dispenser and a good candle.

  5. Fresh greenery with battery-powered fairy lights. Easy, fragrant and festive. I did this in our powder room since there was no place to plug in a lamp or Christmas lights.

  6. Make coffee. The easiest way to make your home smell warm and cozy when guests walk through the door.

  7. If you have the space, set up a separate beverage station in a room besides the kitchen. It’s nice when guests can help themselves to drinks, and it’s fun to spread the joy around the house!

Mark Nyblom